4.000 mAh strong power for tablets in need:

High-performance energy source for car

  • Ultra Power Twin-USB charger for the car expands the Cabstone™-product range
  • Sturdy adapter for easy connection to the cigarette lighter 
  • Supplies up to two tablets simultaneously with 4.000 mAh charging current
  • The car adapter is available for retailers immediately


Braunschweig, November 5, 2014 – Travelling by car, nobody wants to give up his mobile devices. But the newest smartphones, tablets, and phablets require more and more energy, especially in permanent use. A little surfing on the Internet, a couple of phone calls, watching videos - and the battery is drained. To make sure these indispensable tools are always ready to use, Cabstone™ has now added its most powerful high-performance Ultra Power Twin-USB car charger to its product range.

4.000 mAh can charge up to two devices simultaneously in no time at all. 

Just by sticking it into the cigarette lighter, this powerful charger can be integrated into any dashboard, whether car, truck, or RV. Two USB connections with 4.000 mAh of charging current and 12/24 volts quickly charge the batteries of two tablets or smartphones simultaneously in no time at all. An integrated protective electronic circuit in the adapter protects all connected devices against short circuits, overheating, and overvoltage. If the compact charger is ever needed in a different vehicle, it can be removed from the cigarette lighter quite easily using the retractable handle.

The Ultra Power Twin charger (item no.: 63695) is available for retailers immediately at a RRP of 19.95 Euro.



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