An Addition to the Cabstone Metal Cable Family:

New practical companions for travellers!

  • Cabstone is offering additional variants with flexible textile sheathing and metal connectors for its product range of metal cables
  • New 2in1 sync/charging cable combines micro-USB and Apple Lightning connector in a single cable
  • Lightning adapter makes it possible to connect to a micro-USB cable
  • Popular sync cable now also available in short lengths, for instance for cars
  • All products are available to dealers from Wentronic starting immediately / in September


Braunschweig, July 7, 2015 – Even on summer vacation, we still need our smartphones, tablets, and other devices. But taking along a lot of different devices on your trips often also means that you need a wide range of charging cables and power units. In this situation, the new variants in the Cabstone metal cable series prove to be especially practical. The cables and adapters combine multiple connection options or workarounds, so that you only need a few cables to complete your travel equipment.

The new 2in1 syncing/charging cable has micro-USB connectors and an add-on MFI-licensed Apple Lightning adapter, which can be attached easily. It thus connects nearly any smartphone to a charging adapter, PC/Mac, or suitable USB charger and also provides for fast data transmission at up to 480 Mbit/s. Also available is the new high-power micro-USB sync/charging cable, which, thanks to its bigger diameter, actually loads any rechargeable battery twice as fast.  

Connecting an iPhone of the latest generation to a micro-USB cable is child's play with the Apple Lightning connector to micro-USB adapter. It is small and compact enough to fit in just about any pants pocket. The adapter is inserted into the Lightning connector of the iPhone or iPad to permit charging and synching via micro-USB cables.

In the future, synching and charging cables in the newly available "short length" of 30 cm will prove to be particularly practical for connection of mobile devices in cars. For instance, using a short cable to connect your smartphone to the cigarette lighter via a USB car charger (also available from Cabstone) decreases the chance that the mobile device will slide around in the cockpit. Starting in September, the cable will be available in the connection variants micro-USB and Apple Lightning. 

Like all the items in the Cabstone metal cable series, the new variants are also equipped with sturdy metal connectors, making them especially impact-resistant and durable. Thanks to the flexible textile sheathing, the cables are also particularly resistant to irritating tangles or dangerous kinks. 

New in the Cabstone product range:

92953 2in1 Synch/charging cable 29.95 €
92954 High-power micro-USB synch/charging cable 14.95 €
92955 Apple Lightning connector to micro-USB Adapter 16.95 €
44111 Micro-USB synch/charging cable 0.3 m 7.95 €
44113 Lightning synch/charging cable 0.3 m 19.95 €

Also available:

43808 Sync/charging cable with micro-USB 7.95 €
43840 Sync/charging cable with Apple dock connector (30-pin) 12.95 €
43841 Sync/charging cable with Apple Lightning (8-pin) 17.95 €
43866 Audio cable (3.5 mm) 9.95 €
43867 HiFi/audio-adapter cable (3.5 mm / cinch) 11.95 €
43885 Notebook/headset adapter 11.95 €



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