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Notebook/Headset Adapter with textile sheath

for use of smartphone headsets on a PC/laptop
Normally, headsets from your own smartphone/tablet can be used with classic laptops and PCs to only a limited extent. Even if you can hear music without any problem via the usually green audio jack, it can quickly get tricky when phoning via Skype & Co. - because the pink jack is empty. The notebook/headset adapter solves this problem simply by dividing the 4-pin jack contacts of the headset among two 3-pin jacks. It works!
  • particularly flexible cable with textile sheath and metal connectors
  • stereo audio adapter from 3.5 mm jack to 2 x 3.5 mm jack connectors
  • connects smartphone headsets with the jacks of classical notebooks/PCs (green/red)
  • 0.5 m cable length for plenty of reach
Cabstone Notebook/Headset Adapter
Cabstone Notebook/Headset Adapter
Cabstone Notebook/Headset Adapter
Cabstone Notebook/Headset Adapter


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Technical Data

Type: extra-thin round cable
Length (m): 0.4
Outer sheath material: textile braid
Apple: Ear pods, in-ear headphones with remote control and microphone, etc.
Samsung: EHS64AVF, EHS64, EO-HS3303WE, etc.
Other: many popular headsets from Cabstone, HTC, LG, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, etc.
Connector 1, type: 3.5 mm jack connector (4-pin)
Connector 2, type: 2 x 3.5 mm jack connector (3-pin)
Contact material: gilded
Color: black
Material: metal, textile, plastic
Weight (g): 93
Warranty (years): 2
Scope of delivery
Instruction manual (languages): CN, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FR, IT, JP, KO, PL, RU, SE, TH, UK


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